Roasting Guatemala Las Delicias, part II

(Also see my blog about the last of the 40 batches roasting these beans)

Roast profile of the batch in the above video

Last year I had one of the first bags from the farm of Manolo Muralles.

This year I was able to buy another bag of this origin (€ 9,77 / kg ex VAT) and I look forward to the adventures.

The beans smell wonderful and look very well processed and sorted.

Picture by Constantin Trommlitz, a shot of freshly roasted Guatemala
(Batch 18, 15 Oct, T#109)
Batch 16, a very light roast, working VERY well for Erik de Kluiver
on his EG-1 grinder and his STRIETMAN lever machine

The profile of the roast used by Erik above
Erik writes, 27 Oct 2017: "Had some time again today to test your beans. Incredibly soft and tasteful. Still complex with a spicy aftertaste. Absolutely no unwanted taste or aftertaste. In my view very a successful roast." 
Erik's set: Strietman espresso machine and LWW EG-1 grinder
Feedback by Bob van Geffen, moderator of the Dutch "Koffiepraat" forum


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