FZ94 Vacuum Cleaning: Click On - Click Off

A year ago I wrote how I modified the spacers of plate covering the air inlet triangles on the front of my Cofee-Tech FZ94 roaster.

Last week, Tije came up with a much smarter and even simpler method of temporarily removing these covers and now it's even easier to clean the machine below the drum where ashes and tiny particles can land and build up, decreasing the efficiency of the roaster.

From www.supermagnete.nl we ordered MD-15 metal rings with holes, 15mm, non-magnetic, to stick to magnets. CS-S-15-04-N disc magnets 15mm of 4mm height with hole, N35, nickel plated. Elsewhere we bought the 4mm thread nuts and bolts to fit of the same thread as already fit in the holes of the roaster plates there.


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