Bean Me Up, Scotty!

Joseph, a fellow coffee roaster, is looking for a fun way to lift green beans into his new huge roaster, maybe even one that provides a fun visual experience to the customers in his cafe and the four of us -- Marko, Bono, Joseph and I -- visited a company that could supply a custom made solution to this.

Food safe parts push the beans through metal or transparent tubing which can to some extent be curved so the beans can move upwards and around an object before being dropped into the roaster.

How fast does it go, asked Joseph.

"As slowly as possible, as fast as necessary" was the salesperson's wise reply.

What are these for, one wonders

very well made

Friends with salesperson

Visiting the demo setup

Miniature cable cars?

In motion

Around a corner and upwards


More discussion

Continued discussion

Marko chimes in, explaining to Bono while Joseph studies hardware

Those bolts! Beautiful. They have them in black also.


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