Dutch Masters in Vintage Espresso

This Sunday afternoon I visited Roland Buurman and Arnoud Kruiver in their vintage espresso treasury near Amstelveen. They source the beautiful old machines from Mexico, Italy and other very remote regions. In their workshop they restore and overhaul the machines, retaining some of the original patina while replacing the controls with modern versions. They also import small stocks of specialty green coffee to share with a growing network of home roasters and startup commercial micro-roasters. They roast test batches and small orders in house and larger batches on a shared machine elsewhere. Their roaster is connected to the Artisan roast logger software, so they can monitor, archive and compare all roast profiles.

If you are interested in a commercial espresso machine that looks spectacular at a much lower price than most of the top brands that everyone else already flaunts anyway, go check them out.

They are also working on a set of tampers which are briefly featured in the clip below. Arnoud explains some interesting details about the machines and in the end he mentions a mutual friend,  well known as @3aan on the Dutch forums.


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