Budapest in Amsterdam

The Kávékalmár team, Gábor and Attila, passed through Amsterdam o their way to film a project with PROBAT and they took some time to visit me and try out the LONDINIUM L1-P. Together we visited John, a fellow roaster living nearby who pulled a few espressos on his Strega, then we had espressos from the Rocket at Carina's, more espressos at Screaming Beans from Charlotte and we visited Tije to have some more coffee from his La Pavoni before we checked out Tijes "Shaker Roaster 2.0". This is a short video of roasting the batch of beans that the Kávékalmár guys flew home with later in the afternoon.

Some pictures:

Gábor and Attila

Gábor and LONDINIUM espresso

Attila at Tije's place

Gábor at Tije's place

Gábor at Tije's place

Gábor and Tije in Tije's workshop
Youtube version of video:


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