Microfoam Made Easy: Milk Frothing science and technique

Watch 2:13 -- 5:20 in the clip below by Jeroen Veldkamp. It's in Dutch so people from The Netherlands and Belgium will benefit most from the dead simple instructions by Jeroen.

He has given lots of training to baristas in the past years.

Mind you, he says, it's not the most sexy way to create microfoam. Many baristas want to show off very special skills. But this is teh easy and fool proof way.

Step 1: fill the jug halfway with milk. Step 2: Make sure you have blown the condensed water out of the steam wand. Step 3: set the jug down on the counter with the steam tip a little (1cm) above the milk, a little (1cm) away from the side of the jug. Step  4: open the steam flow on full. Some bubbles of milk can be seen the first two seconds. No splashing, that will occur if the steam tip is too far above the milk. Step 5: hold the jug with your hand and make sure the milk does not get too hot. If the jug gets too hot to hold, the milk is too hot to drink. Step 6: if the temp is right, close the steam wand, take away the jug. Step 7: whack the jug down on the counter just once. Not more. Insecure baristas whack it down a dozen times, forget that. Step 8: whirl the milk around. This way you mix the dry foam with the wet milk and the foam begins to shine, showing a glossy smooth skin. Step 9: see the gloss? Than you're good!  pour out the milk.
"Zo simpel is het!"

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