Hey look! A new LONDINIUM! The L1-P

DHL delivery (pls do not crosspost this one photo, he does not want to be on "social media")

Ready for lift off

Jan & John came to help install it all

Taking the coat off

The brew group piston

Connecting the 230V plug

Greasing the inside with Loxeal #4

Also some on the group seals to rub around

carefully 'sinking' the piston in

boiler with red circle to take out from anti-vac

Circlip is off

Connected water in, water out

The manual fill valve closed

Closed still, pushing it open

Boiler filling (then closing again, see above)

Closed, then connect 230V and switch on

Few drops on anti-vac before it closes

We used a tiewrap to lead the braided hose in a nice curve 

Water level

Without the cover

First espresso pulled on the L1-P

John trying out the steam wand

John's cappuccino


Bob zei…
Congratulations frans! You must be very happy with your new Londinium. Love the pictures.
Frans zei…
Thank you Bob! Yes I am!
Devin Lee zei…
Congratulations! So neat exterior! Great.
Frans zei…
Thanks Devin! Yes, Wouter Strietman, who visited to see the machine & show the developments on his own CT1 (CounterTop 1) machine, studied the thick wall construction and finish and remarked that a very good craftsman must have spent a LOT of time on this.

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