WOTS going on in 2014 (in Utrecht)

WOTS = World Of Science and Technology

Science fair at the Utrecht Convention center

The welcoming end

A barista here and there, and bring in the suits!

Spectrometer systems, gotta love 'm

Cylindrical cells which would could be in a jewellery shop

Hey! A refractometer!

And customers for the refractometer

Lab hardware & business suits, great match

Sales in suits, users casual

Yay! Hot plates with magnetic stirrers!! There will be more of those.

Vortices on display in many places, the joy of lab folks

Hearing about the latest

Another smart refractometer at Rudolph Research Analytical. Talked to Peter Marriott, their Product Manager and he's a friend of Vince Fedele who produced 'my' VSTlabs refractometer & software

The man in the middle & I recognized one another from a previous show in Amsterdam. We discussed that no matter how much you measure, it's all mere *indications* of what's happening and it sometimes takes a lot of experience with the measurements to really "get" what is happening. He told me he met a team of people in the industry of dying cotton. Every batch of cotton is a little different and this has frequently puzzled them. How to get the exact same color again? One older researcher came up with the solution: he said not to change the steps of the process but merely to change the order of the same steps. And that worked!

Boys will be boys

To see it is to know you MUST have it. Someday.

It's not just for men!

The man on the left has a HETTICH bag, from the people who produced my lab centrifuge!

If you have this world, who needs science fiction?

Suits, apps and geeky stuff. A happy world.

We lab geeks have humor too!! Ha!

This could be the best thing today for coffee geeks. This tiny centrifuge is very affordable, around 200 Euros!

A second centrifuge in the 'tiny' section. Saves space and money!

Looking forward to the next show. In a year or two?


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