Tije's La Pavoni Transparent Portafilter

Inspired by Stephen Sweeney's work, Tije in Amsterdam (well known for his La Pavoni cooling fin rings) built his own TPF for his pre-millennium La Pavoni Pro. Footage of the first two shots can be seen below.

In the video below, you see a first shot in 50% slow-motion and then the second shot at actual speed.

In this second shot, Tije tries out his 'pumping' pull, not quite a full "Fellini move" but he pulls the lever down, then up a little again, and down again, to create a longer shot with a bigger volume.

The interesting thing here is that the puck does not break but instead swells up and compacts again along with the pressure changes.

What surprised us most is that at the very end, when the pressure above the puck falls back, little explosions in the puck can be seen to swirl up the grinds into the little pool of water on the puck.


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