Grinds in Heat

With the Winter Olympics going on and especially the Dutch picking up so many medals in speed skating which is traditionally being regarded as the one competition defining the world pinnacle of winter sports, the focus of everyone's attention is temporarily lingering on the tv screens.

That's a good thing, because before you know it, everyday worries prevail again and we will once more hear about all the questions that keep people awake during the brief moments after switching off the lights at night before their dreams take over.

One of the questions one hears most often is "if the room temperature is 21ยบ Celsius and we grind beans, how much warmer does the friction and cutting make the grinds?"

I decided to sort this out for my grinder, a Mazzer Mini fitted with Super Jolly burrs.

Turns out the temperature in the chute where the grinds pile up and move out is raised by one degree Celsius at the first dose that's ground. The second is about the same but the third and fourth raise the temperature another degree Celsius, all over a time span of about two minutes.

It does not make much sense to keep grinding away because this is a heavy grinder designed to be used in a home environment, not in a bar where one has rush hours and grinding goes on almost continuously.

I would like to hear how this is in other grinders though.

Preferably before the next Olympics. Just so we know. 

Hopper, anti-stat mesh and finger protection removed

Tiny T-type probe fitted, deep into the chute, just out of the burrs' grip

Funnel fitted

Amprobe logger connected
Artisan graph


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