Fuji PXG4 Roast Controller ready & running

A month after Marko Luther suggested that I would look into serious PID'ing of my roaster and after much preparation and testing, the PXG4 is now complete, built in its box and functioning well:

Fuji PXG4 built in box prepared by Tije

Back view

The complete set of 3: roaster, controller, monitor

Halfway in roast sequence
In the graph below, the red line shows the target bean temp, the black line the actual temp and the yellow line shows how much labor the heaterhas done, controlled by the PXG4, between 0% -- 100% of maximum power, to keep the bean temp in the exact range.
Complete roast log graph

Roast ready

PS addition almost a year later I have moved on to different roast profiles, primarily after reading Scott Rao's book about roasting:

PS 4 January 2018:
Jean-Claude van Damme uses the same box from Conrad in his new action here series.


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