Better cable, more monitoring

The first two RS232-to-USB cables that I bought didn't communicate very well, which was not a big problem since I could program the Fuji PXG4 by hand and use the Amprobe for measurements and logging with Artisan. 

Marko Luther from Artisan advised me to look for a cable with a more modern chipset, like the FTDI. Yesterday I found what looked to be the right cable at Farnell and today UPS delivered it:

 I already had the drivers for the FTDI chipset installed, since the Amprobe uses the same one. Now, Artisan uses the Fuji for its measurements and it also shows the current target value of the PID, plus it shows what percentage of the heater power is currently used. In the graph, it's now visible what the "target" graph is and how the actual measured value is. In the low temperatures the beans lag behind  a little but later on the two lines practically overlap, indicating a perfect match of plan and execution.

Red line: target (=PID SV), black line: bean temp, bottom right LCD: percentage of heater power used by PID

The full graph, note the black line mostly overlapping the target line

Resulting roast, two different origins, some color difference too


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