HG One travel chest

Over the past weeks, Willi Egger has been building and finishing a travel chest made out of elm wood which he designed for my HG One grinder. No nail has been used, all wood-on-wood connections, just a few screws for the piano hinge of the front which has magnetic locks. One of the details I am very impressed with is the handle which is strong enough to carry the 10 kg of the grinder and the chest itself and yet it does not look crude, hiding inside the chest when resting.

Willi Egger is the versatile typesetter and book binder from http://www.boede.nl who has previously prepared the 2006 edition of "Het voorbeeldige boek" by Johan Polak for Balans publishers in Amsterdam. He also hand bound two copies of this book (as featured on  http://www.kostverlorenvaart.nl/voorbeeldig/ ). Recently he has adapted software to typeset himself a very complicated English book of math for a publisher in the UK. And a few years back he was on the team of experts who did technical research to the options to save the Anne Frank tree in Amsterdam.

Thank you Willi for a great job on this chest! Next time I go on the road the HG One grinder will be traveling along safely and the hotel room will look splendid with this excellent piece of craftsmanship ;-)

It reminds me of the times when the famous explorers, adventurers and butterfly hunters would employ locals to carry their espresso equipment through the Amazon forest and over the plains of Uganda and whenever they would chance to run into each other, their teams would compete to make the best espresso and all would stay up very late.


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