donderdag 4 juni 2020

Comparing roasts in the new Artisan v2.4

The latest 2.4 version of Artisan has an exciting set of new features, explained by the team on the Artisan blog:

The new Roast Simulator feature is quite remarkable. You can load a previous roast profile and replay it from the start. This way you can for instance test different options of display on screen, or different alarm settings. The program behaves as if the roaster is operating in real time and all the data from the loaded profile roast event are being fed to the program and processed by it. This can be very handy to test a different approach without having to be at the roaster and keep an eye (and a nose) on the beans. Also, while training another roasting staff member, or giving a presentation about coffee roasting, it is helpful to run a complete roast (optionally at greater speed) while explaining about all that is happening, without running the risk of burning beans because teaching distracted you.

The new Profile Transposer functionality enables you to use a successful profile of one roaster and modify it to fit your own roasting machine while keeping the essential elements and proportions intact.

One other feature is the Roast Comparator. The Artisan posted a separate blog about it:

I used the feature to closely compare two roasts. One was a near perfect repetition of the other but still ended up a little lighter, #99 instead of #94.

The density of the resulting beans is exactly the same.

My conclusion is that a difference of 5 Tonino-points is negligible and moisture value differences of about 0.5% may not be significant.

It is very helpful to be able to change the title text in the comparing screen so as to make comparing easier, and keep the actual titles of the roast profiles intact.

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