vrijdag 19 september 2014

Strietman ES3 in De Volkskrant

Wouter Strietman's ES3 machine is featured in the design magazine of De Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper distributed nationwide:

Lekker thuisafgehaald.nl !

Via thuisbezorgd.nl eet ik regelmatig een pizza, via www.hellofresh.nl krijg ik wekelijks een doos groente en fruit bezorgd en nu heb ik ook www.thuisafgehaald.nl geprobeerd.

En dat blijkt erg lekker te zijn!

Je moet wel op tijd bedenken dat je via deze site wat wil gaan eten. Een pizza kun je bestellen als je  al erge trek begint te krijgen maar via Thuisafgehaald moet je d'r eerder bij zijn. De eerste maaltijd die ik had aangeklikt bij ene Dennis die twee straten verderop woont, ging niet door omdat hij niet alle ingrediĆ«nten binnen had gekregen. De volgende die ik bestelde werd al snel bevestigd en kort na zessen zat ik aan de Bunny Chow:  een Zuid - Afrikaans stoofpotje met tomaat, pompoen, wortel en rode linzen.

Lekker eten terwijl je House of Cards kijkt.
De twee vrouwen die dit afhaalmaal hebben bereid, wonen pal aan de overkant van de straat, aan de andere kant van de Kostverlorenvaart. Ze hebben een cateringbedrijf en daarnaast koken ze voor de klanten die ze via Thuisafgehaald hebben verzameld.


maandag 1 september 2014

IMS new "The Single" filter basket

One of the latest novelties in espresso tools is the single basket by IMS called "The Single". At the 2014 Rimini convention many could try it out and this resulted in lots of chatter on the forums and other channels even though the basket wasn't yet available in large enough numbers for people to order one.

Now, I've found a reseller in Amsterdam and he brought me the first of the baskets he received to try out.

I mostly use my single baskets just to measure roast colours, because that way I do not need to fill a big basket but I gave up using them for espresso because they can be so finnicky.

The IMS single looks very easy in contrast. I should probably dose 1g more and/or grind a little finer (got one schpritzer) but overall the very first extraction was quite nice.

zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

Swingin' in the Rain

It's raining this saturday morning but in the Vondelpark no one seems to notice the steady drizzle. A half circle of swings has been set up here and every swing, when moved by the wind or by people, produces a sound from the speaker above it. All together the swings are a choir, singing along with the wind in the trees that hold on to their leaves for just a few more weeks.

donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Peter (Kafko.nl) repairing two La Pavonis

One of my La Pavonis swiveled on its base which needed to be fastened and the other one had a leak in the sight glass. All in all a fine reason to visit Peter van der Weerd of www.kafko.nl again!

First Peter admiring Tije's wooden 'cooling' ring

Opening up

Inspection of wires and internals. This La Pav still has the original p-stat

Replacing old gasket. Heating element in perfect shape.

Setting the boiler on the custom made tool to unscrew the bottom ring


Another gasket ready to replace

Three new gaskets

Cleaning the base.

Fastening the boiler to the base again


Reconnecting wires and pipe
Meanwhile, as the one La Pav is heating up to see if anything leaks, repairs on the other machine, starting with the sight glass:
Replacing the seals on the sight glass

New seals

Nylon gasket will get a rubber seal on top

Rubber seal on top

After the metal parts are in, the glass tube is pushed in from above

Tightening the seals

Pressure gauge back on

Pressurizing the boiler through the steam tip

Checking for any leaks, tightening the seals some more

Replacing rubber seals in the brew head

A tap to get the piston out

Piston is out to get cleaned

Cleaning the inside of the bore

Peter van der Weerd at work

O ring clip back in place

Old rubber seals off

Cleaning piston

New rubber seals on

Easing the piston back in

New gasket on neck of brew head

Ready to assemble

Old bolts had worn threads, new bolts look great

This is how to slip on the clips
The first La Pav 'sweated' a little around the bottom of the boiler. Inaudible and invisible, but holding a dentist mirror on a stick close to the spot did show some condensation.
Bolts on the other boiler were 'seizing' and therefore not closing tight enough, leaving the boiler to 'sweat' moisture

Greasing these bolts, now allowing a perfect fit for the boiler

Both machines ready to return home! Thanks Peter!

woensdag 27 augustus 2014

Stone slabs in the forest

In the little forest, cover small patches of soil with stone and let some be for twenty years, others fifty or even a hundred years and come back to read what they tell you about time passing.