vrijdag 4 december 2020

Weekend travel espresso set

 12 doses of 16g of grinds of Colombian beans, in dark glass 'Martmite' containers, and a Mypressi Twist:

woensdag 18 november 2020

The GRRR grinder by Tije


Illustration by Tije de Jong

Tije revamped my COMPAK R120 coffee grinder, taking off its body shield, discarding the chute, the wiper and a fan and gave the mammoth grinding machine a brand new exoskeleton. 

And a new name.


dinsdag 22 september 2020

KINU Traveller and Vintage Lathe

 Tije de Jong paired a vintage lathe with a KINU Traveller hand grinder:


vrijdag 18 september 2020

Beep fixes

If your tank fed Londinium is beeping, it probably thinks the water in the tank/reservoir is low. (It also beeps if filling the boiler takes rather long. In that case switching off and on sorts that.)
Possibly the water filter took out too much minerals so the water is not conductive to electricity. In that case add unfiltered water.
Also possible: the tiny metal nipple inside the bottom of the reservoir has been pushed up a little and is not connecting to its contact below it. Push the metal 'nipples' back down to be flush with the plastic and you should be good.

zaterdag 12 september 2020

NRV pix (helping out a fellow Londinium owner)

 (on the Londinium forum, a fellow owner asks where the NRV -- Non Return Valve is located. I am temporarily unable to post pictures in that thread so I post them here and provide a link on the forum;)

The little piston inside the NRV

NRV close up


location in machine close up

location in machine