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Shake That Thang

See also: Jan's 3D printed grind cup After Jan van der Weel 3D printed a cup to stir and shake grinds in before dropping the grinds into the filter basket, I asked Gerard at DiRossi if he could make one in stainless steel and polish it. Is it essential or necessary? Maybe not. Is it fun to have and play with in these solitary days of corona seclusion? Absolutely ;-) Shake That Thang Youtube version:

El Salvador Apaneca

My friend Conni (one of the founders of Fractal Collective ) sends me a happy message from his home where he is enduring these days of semi lockdown and social distancing. He has a Compak grinder, a Kinu M47 Classic grinder and a Londinium-R espresso machine in his place, plus beans from my home roastery and he reports excellent results from El Salvador beans of this roast, 14 days post roast:

Ethiopia Shawantawene


Sputnik 3 test 2

Since we fried one of the outputs of the TC4, we try again but now swapping the heating element control to OT2. Turns out that does work, but it switches too fast for us and we will get us another TC4, and probably another SSR as well. Next we warm up near Tije's fire and Jan plays the guitar that Tije restored. Sputnik 3 test 2 Youtube version: