Images from the German 2016 SCAE roastmaster championship

Here are a few photos I took this week during the German 2016 SCAE roastmaster championship. You see the hosts from SCAE and Probat welcoming the participants, staff explaining the program and protocol to everyone, a brief introduction to the controls of the Probatone 5 roaster to be used by all roastmasters, an introduction by Marko Luther of the Artisan roast logging software and the way it was to be operated, roastmasters preparing for their roast, evaluating their data and everyone chatting at the conclusion of day two.

First, second and third prize trophies
Participants welcomed

Probatone 5 machine controls explained

Competition details discussed

Probatone 5 machine controls

Artisan connected

Machine internals on display

Parallel Artisan displays next to machine and on large screen

Artisan machine communication explained by Marko Luther
Studying results, preparing 

Evaluating roast profile
Organising staff consultations 

A roast profile 

Color measurement

Roasting in progress

Relaxing at the end of day 2
Roastmasters chatting

Roast profile

PS this from Marko Luther:

Here is my summary of this years local roasting competition

that links to the Artisan profiles submitted by the 10 competitors

The short report also links to the Roast Ranking table produced by Artisan

Note that this table is sortable by clicking on the column headers.


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