Las Delicias beans from Guatemala

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A small specialty coffee roaster near Amsterdam, Koffiebranderij Het Hoofdkwartier, offered a number of nano roasters and homeroasters the opportunity to acquire green beans from a completely new source: Tekistic beans from the La Delicias farm in Guatemala.

I've been told that the owner, Manolo Murales, originally a coffee farmer, moved to the USA to earn an income and finance the education for his sons and on their return home they used their savings to start a new farm, focused on quality and attractive 'shade grown' coffees like Tekistic and Pacamara. The idea is to gradually keep expanding the farm, getting more land and planting more coffee trees.

The farm was started in 2012 and now their first crop has reached our shores. Mention of it has been made on Direct Source Coffee and Cropster Hub. I was lucky to get my hands on 30kg.

I'm very excited to find out how they will roast on my Coffee-Tech FZ-94 roaster with Artisan software. Currently I'm in the middle of developing a roast profile for Ethiopian beans so I might need to wait before I switch beans. 

I also picked up 30kg for two fellow roasters living nearby so I practically emptied this bag:

Arnoud and Roland from Het Hoofdkwartier enjoyed this joint order because building such a network of local micro and nanoroasters will open doors for them and in consequence for our group so we will be able to acquire more interesting and higher quality beans in quantities that makes dealing with our group more interesting for market partners that would otherwise be way too big for us.

Below are a few pictures sent to me by Het Hoofdkwartier:

Las Delicias farm grounds

Manolo Murales

Manolo Murales

At the milling station

Filling the bags to ship

Ready to ship

Beans have arrived!


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