Extracting Mandheling

I purchased some very nice green beans from fellow roaster Arnoud at vintage-espresso-machines.nl -- I had had some succes with Sumatra Mandheling beans before so I was curious to try these. For a Mandheling, which can contain some weird and damaged beans, this batch of 15kg was quite neat. Roasted in portions of 200g in the Fracino Roastilino, roast time 9:20 up to an end temp of 216ÂșC (profile included below).

These turned out delicious. Keeping the Rate of Rise up to the end is something to take care about and then it's all good. The taste was so good from the E8 grinder already that I decided to take the time to use the R120 on these beans. I could have ground a tiny bit finer but it was a beautiful cup anyway. COMPAK grinders, LONDINIUM espresso machine, ACAIA scales.
Music in the background: Heidi Bruehl (Plantlife's Love Philosophy Mix)

YouTube version:

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