Steam Poached Egg using an Espresso Machine

[A big thankyou to the editors of Daily Coffee News for writing a feature about this blog:]

One for the series 'Hey I Did Not Know You Could Do THAT With An Espresso Machine'...

Sometimes I use a small heat proof plastic container to quickly make myself apple sauce from sliced apple, or I warm up a small Asian meal in it by inserting the espresso machine steam wand through a hole in the lid.

Now I found that it is very easy to prepare an absolutely delicious 'steam poached' egg in the same way. An egg poached in water can taste a bit watery but this way the egg keeps its own clean quality. A sprinkle of salt and pepper help to enhance the pure simple joyful treat.

Small speciality coffee places could easily offer this lunch bite without the need for any kitchen equipment.

I use the powerful LONDINIUM I home lever but any other professional machine should be able to do this just as easily.

PS March 15 2015:
Gábor Laczkó from was inspired to take this project one step further! He used a giant lever machine to steam his eggs and sent me pictures of the beautiful result:

La San Marco lever


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