DiRossi Tampers

On my big LONDINIUM I lever machine I find that a slightly convex tamper bottom makes it easier for me to get an extraction that starts evenly, with the flow initiating from all the holes on the bottom of the filter basket at about the same time. With a flat tamper, this needs a little more practice and discipline, taking care not to press too hard.

For my little La Pavonis I had only flat tampers. Searching for a company to order convex tamper bases from, I found DiRossi, a small father-and-son business here in the Netherlands. I mailed them to ask about the tamper I was looking for and promptly the father, Gerard van Rooijen, called me up even though it was 9.30 in the evening.

From the website, I selected a classic design tamper handle from rosewood and one from olive wood and asked if they could skip the high-gloss polish as I like to see the 'naked' wood with just a little wax rubbed over it.

To be sure that they would fit perfectly, I sent them a parcel with the filter baskets of my Millennium and pre-millennium Pavonis.

This morning both arrived and I think they look terrific! For the price of just two bases from a premium brand, I now have the two complete tampers made locally according to my special requests. And it feels good to support another small business to grow and thrive.

Check them out: http://www.dirossi.nl

Rose wood left, Olive on the right


Unknown zei…
I just ordered some parts from Dirossi and i am a little bit of excited.
Frans zei…
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